2022.04.05   |  

QEA Tech has been selected as the vendor of choice to complete Infrared Thermography Imaging audits of 15 buildings for the City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa released an RFP for a complete Infrared Thermography Imaging audit of 15 buildings on February 16, 2022. After a competitive Request of Proposal (RFP) process, QEA Tech was selected as the vendor for the project.

The project will help advance the City of Ottawa’s goal of reducing the energy intensity and GHG emissions of its building portfolio. The city identified 15 buildings with high energy consumption as a function of operation and surface area.

The project objectives are to help identify the problem areas in the building through infrared thermography, determine thermal resistivity values for the envelope elements, calculate annualized energy loss and GHG emissions, and estimate the cost of repair.

QEA Tech is a leading specialist in the analysis of building envelopes and energy consumption. The company is equipped with a fleet of industrial drones that conduct thermal scans of buildings within 1-2 hours. QEA Tech’s patented software analyze thousands of images and mass quantities of data to pinpoint and quantify energy loss. The City of Ottawa will receive a full analysis of its building envelopes and their elements (wall, window, door, and roof) including emissivity, thermal resistance (R-Value), and thermal transmittance (U-Value).

“Our proprietary technology will enable the city to make data-driven decisions and promote the retrofit economy that cuts pollution and creates green jobs. Our competitive advantage is that we are much faster and economical than the next best available option and this advantage scales with the complexity of the project.”- Peyvand Melati, CEO, QEA Tech


About the City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is the corporate entity of municipal government in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The corporation is responsible for the provision of services to the public as well as enforcement of municipal by-laws.


About QEA Tech

QEA Tech is driving the future of Building Envelope Energy Audits by providing fast and non-disruptive audits. We use industrial drones equipped with HD thermal and visual cameras to capture thousands of images of your building. These images are analyzed and processed through our proprietary software to quantify the energy loss through the building envelope. Our patented technology and analytics deliver data-driven insights along with remediation cost estimates. These can further be used to create an investment-grade roadmap to prioritize retrofits.