Decarbonize Your Building Envelope with AI

Enabling action with targeted data on low cost retrofits.

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The building envelope is critical to energy efficiency

Building envelopes can contribute to up to half of the energy wasted in a building. QEA Tech can help to reduce this energy loss and support your decarbonization goals by:

  • Measuring the GHG emissions, energy use, and associated costs of your building envelope
  • Providing an investment grade roadmap for targeted retrofits that maximize cost savings, payback, and ROI

No matter how efficient your heating and cooling system is, if your building is not properly sealed and insulated, you will not be as comfortable and your system will have to work harder.

Actionable Data that Drives Energy Savings through the Envelope

Through our thermal and AI software analysis, QEA Tech provides customers with U-values, GHG emissions, and dollar equivalents of energy loss for the building envelope. Our software provides an unprecedented level of detail, pinpointing energy loss issues within the envelope down to inches.

Get An Energy Audit
in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Data Collection

Step 1: Data Collection

We fly our drones on a pre-planned route around your building, capturing thousands of visual and thermal images.

Step 2: Data Analysis

Step 2: Data Analysis

Our proprietary AI software processes the images – quantifying the energy loss, pinpointing envelope issues and creating a 3D model of your building.

Step 3: Building Envelope Report

Step 3: Building Envelope Report

Our detailed reports provide clients with their building envelope data and retrofit recommendations based on ROI and payback.

Transforming Millions of Pixels into Actionable Data

Leveraging 10,000+ hi-res drone images, proprietary QEA Tech software translates each pixel into quantifiable data, a comprehensive 3D model, and then uploads each image to your cloud based dashboard for 24/7 access.


24/7 Building Envelope Health Report

All clients receive 24/7 QEA Tech dashboard access. Your graphical portal provides at-a-glance views of selected visual and thermographic images and reports relevant to a particular part of structures, infrastructures, and other assets.

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