Decarbonize Your Building Envelope with AI

Enabling action with targeted data on low cost retrofits.

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Leveraging proprietary AI-based software we accurately and precisely quantify energy loss from building envelope elements


Zero in on Building Envelope Issues

QEA Tech allows customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of where the weak spots in their building envelope are, pinpointing envelope issues and providing insights on the impacts of these issues on the health of the building. QEA Tech builds a targeted retrofit roadmap for customers, providing them with low-cost retrofit options that maximize energy savings and ROI.


Get An Energy Audit
in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Data Collection

Step 1: Data Collection

Using our drones and IOT devices, we collect thousands of pieces of data per building envelope.

Step 2: Data Analysis

Step 2: Data Analysis

Our proprietary AI-based software processes the images – quantifying the energy loss, pinpointing envelope issues and creating a 3D model of your building.

Step 3: Customer Portal

Step 3: Customer Portal

Through our customer portal, clients can access our building envelope analyses and retrofit recommendations based on ROI and payback.

Transforming Millions of Pixels into Actionable Data

Leveraging 10,000+ hi-res drone images, proprietary QEA Tech software translates each pixel into quantifiable data, a comprehensive 3D model, and then uploads each image to your cloud based dashboard for 24/7 access.


The Right Fit for all Buildings


QEA Tech works with a wide variety of customers, including real estate owners and operators, property management firms, utilities and energy services, governments, facilities management firms, building engineering firms, and energy service companies. 

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