2022.05.03   |  

QEA Tech accepted into the NYC Acclerator Service Provider Program

QEA Tech is thrilled to announce that we have been accepted into NYC Accelerator! As part of NYC Accelerator, QEA Tech will be plugged into the NYC market and have the opportunity to contribute to the #decarbonization of NYC.

QEA Tech aligns strongly with NYC Accelerator’s mission and vision. With the proliferation of local sustainability laws, especially Local Laws 11 and 97, and other drivers of GHG reduction in NYC, QEA Tech is excited to empower local building managers and owners with in-depth, AI-enabled analysis and data-driven insights to make significant reductions in GHG emissions.

To accelerate NYC’s transition to carbon neutrality by 2050, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice is educating the building industry about the resources available to facilitate a smooth transition. From real estate to service providers, to building decision-makers and occupants, they are connecting multiple stakeholders to achieve this goal.

New York City represents a significant opportunity for QEA Tech to work with local thought leaders and industry experts toward setting new standards and industry benchmarks globally.

New York City’s nearly 1 million buildings generate about 73 percent of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. QEA Tech’s audits provide an unprecedented level of data and actionable insights into building envelopes further enabling deep energy reductions and integrated improvements to heating and cooling systems and building exteriors.

“QEA Tech is proud to be part of NYC Accelerator and excited to support NYC on its decarbonization journey. Our solution is now more relevant than ever before, as we not only identify the problematic areas in the envelope but also give our clients the precise calculations of energy and money lost by not addressing the issues. Our technology will help prioritize building upgrades and accelerate NYC’s mission.”- Peyvand Melati, CEO of QEA Tech.


About NYC Accelerator

NYC Accelerator is decarbonizing NYC’s building stock to help our city achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. NYC Accelerator provides resources, training, and one-on-one expert guidance to help building owners and industry professionals improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from buildings in NYC. Since 2015, our team of experts has provided free assistance to over 9,000 buildings — boosting energy performance and savings, improving air quality and comfort for occupants, and helping building owners comply with local laws and avoid fines. NYC Accelerator is sponsored by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice.



About QEA Tech

QEA Tech is driving the future of Building Envelope Energy Audits by providing fast and non-disruptive audits. We use industrial drones equipped with HD thermal and visual cameras to capture thousands of images of your building. These images are analyzed and processed through our proprietary software to quantify the energy loss through the building envelope. Our patented technology and analytics deliver data-driven insights along with remediation cost estimates. These can further be used to create an investment-grade roadmap to prioritize retrofits.