The 4 Pillars of Visibility


The QEA Methodology

Precise imaging by autonomous drone Technology & pre-planned flight

  • Precise Imaging
  • Image processing
  • Quantification
  • Access method

Precise Imaging

Various parameters have to be measured

Image Processing

Precise Imaging & Image Processing are essential for applications like:

Superposition of Pixels

Mapping heat map on visual map

Precise Imaging + Image Processing

Can help to find the exact location of each image and define zone, riser, and level in buildings.

Building View

Building Zone 2

Imaging of Building 4×3 Section

Image Processing + Quantification

Precise Imaging & Image Processing for Indexed quantifiable (IQTM) Energy Audit

Original Image:
Raw IR image

Low Energy Loss

Medium Energy Loss

High Energy Loss


QEA Tech Quantification model is an analytical algorithm to creates, analyzes, and implements applications like Building Envelop Energy Loss, Urban Storm Management System, And Corona UV Emission In High Voltage Power Transition Lines.

Access Method

QEA Tech dashboard is a simple graphical user interface that provides at-a-glance views of selected images and reports relevant to a particular part of structures, infrastructures, and other assets.