Assisting You With Efficient

Golf Course Maintenance

Why Do Golf Greens Suffer?

The major pitfalls of the golf course maintenance include: Inability to identify turf issues in a timely manner with the naked eye; Difficulty to check the range and geographic scope of water deficiencies throughout the course; Not enough and/or under qualified manpower.

We Fly Around Your Golf Course and Analyse To Conduct

Seasonal Turf Inspection

Landscaping Applications

Thermal/Moisture Inspection of Golf Courses

Measurable 3D Modelling

How It Works

  1. The drone captures thousands of thermal images of the greens.

  2. The thermal images are analyzed by our software.

  3. A turf report is generated to give you visibility of your course and list saving opportunities.

  4. You have full access to images and analysis in our cloud portal.


Identify unhealthy turf with substantially higher fidelity.

Moisture Detection

Determine your target % VWC and plan intelligent water distribution across the greens.

3D Modelling

Increase customer engagement using accurate 3D models.

Accurate representation and location of greens, fairways, tees, sand bunkers, and water ponds

Hole-by-hole analysis

Performance drones cover 18 holes in 3 hours

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