Solar Panel Inspection

Aerial Thermal & Visual Inspections

The drone’s power to capture data multiple times faster than manual methods makes it a pre-eminent choice for solar panel inspections. Solar panels degrade about 0.5 %-3% every year due to multiple reasons like damp heat and thermal cycling. Therefore consistent and timely inspection ensures competent solar panel performance and better returns on investment.

Power Loss Detection at cell level

Detection of local faults and irregularities

Non-invasive inspection

Preventative measurement tools

State-of-the-art thermographic image processing software for efficient reporting

3D measurable modeling

Thermal orthomosaic geotagged superimposed on google map

Electro-thermography on inverters and other electrical BoS components

Our System For Solar Panels

Defects in solar panels are hard to recognize. However, QEA’s Technology can detect and locate any defects in solar panels. Our aerial thermography services coupled with advanced analytical software can help you manage and monitor your solar panel assets.

Hot Spot

Thermo visual AI pinpoints hotspots on panels by a machine learning algorithm and distinguishes the causes of hot spots into categories like shadowing and open circuits.

Thermal Orthomosaic Generation

Mapping the solar panels to get a general view of the plant is a useful tool to estimate hot spot causes.

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