GIRD Preventative Maintenance Program For

Power Lines

Power Line Inspection

With power demand on the rise, expansion of overhead transmission lines is scaling up, especially over regions with adverse environment and complex terrain. Because power lines have to endure material ageing, weather adversities, and more, it’s important to conduct regular inspections of power lines to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

We Fly Around Your Power Lines And Analyze

Infrared UV Visual

Image Processing


Cloud Based Portal

How It Works

  1. The drone methodically captures UV, thermal, and visual images.

  2. The thermal images are analyzed by our software.

  3. A report is generated to pinpoint, quantify, and rank problem areas.

  4. You have full access to images and analysis in our cloud portal.


Power line inspection using drones facilitated with GPS provides an economical solution to detect and analyze Corona Discharge by component types (insulators vs conductors) without interference from other nearby sources.

Synchronized UV &
IR Detection

The platform supports a more effective and comprehensive inspection completing all tasks automatically using a target tracking algorithm and spotting hotspots accurately while collecting data about the power line components.

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