Frequently Asked Questions

In what format can I receive my report?

QEA Tech offers a detailed analysis of your Building Envelope Inspection in two forms:

  1. A Comprehensive PDF report
  2. A 3D model that can be accessed online on our client portal. To learn more about the benefits and unique features of our 3D modeling, please visit https-qeatech-com-3dmodelling

For more information, contact us at

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Which drones do you use for the operation?

We use industrial drones equipped with a dual synchronised- infrared and visual lenses.

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How is QEA Tech Different from other companies?

QEA Tech’s patent software helps you embrace a data-driven, holistic and long-term approach to energy saving. We help businesses to evaluate and quantify energy loss through each pixel (2cm*2cm), set actionable goals for retrofit programs and minimize GHG emissions through their facilities.

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How long does the operation take?

The total operation can take up to 5-6 hours. The flight operation does not exceed 3 hours in most cases.

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When do you conduct the flight operations?

Our operations are conducted 4 hours after the sunset and before sunrise to minimize the sun’s effect

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